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The ultimate ACLS preparation package, includes Cardiac Arrest! and Code Team! at a special low price. This package is very popular with ACLS educators, hospitals, fire departments, ambulance groups, and emergency medical personnel. Save $49 on these two award winning training tools.

Cardiac Arrest!

Take a look at the NEW Cardiac Arrest! program!

Based on the latest American Heart Association® ACLS Guidelines. The ultimate ACLS simulator software. Exciting live-action video teaches actions for tough clinical problems like hypocalcemia, hyperkalemia, hypothermia, Kawasaki disease, and more. Cardiac Arrest! sharpens Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) skills in an exciting and realistic ER simulation.

Cardiac Arrest! casts you in the role of emergency physician. The patient's history is presented, and the resuscitation efforts begin. You read the ECG on the computer screen, interpret the vital signs and laboratory data. Give treatment orders using a simple point and click interface, or type in plain English. Cardiac Arrest! provides drug information, an on-line text book and algorithm flowcharts for the ultimate learning environment.

Featuring 45 patients, Cardiac Arrest! qualifies for 22.5 CME credits. Perfect ACLS re-certification preparation. Combine with Code Team! for the ultimate ACLS training.

Earning CME credit is easy. Each patient successfully resuscitated is worth .5 credit hours. There are 15 easier patients, 15 complex patients, and 15 pediatric patients(PALS), for a total of up to 22.5 hours of CME credit. The program keeps track of the patients you have completed. Each patient simulation is followed by a short quiz and you may redo a case if the outcome was unsatisfactory. When redoing a case, the variables of the patient will change so that you never have the same scenario twice.

When you're ready, you can print the CME application and your student file from the “File” menu of the program, to be turned in for credit.

You can make Cardiac Arrest! meet YOUR OWN learning needs. For example, if you're trying to learn drug treatment strategies, you can have your treatment team automatically perform CPR and ventilations when needed, so you can
concentrate on the treatment algorithms.

When you believe the patient is stabilized enough for ICU admission, click the "Admit" button. The patient's private physician will drop by to tell you about the final outcome. You're expected to stabilize shock and treat major electrolyte or fluid deficits before the ICU admission.

Code Team!

Re-certifying for ACLS? No problem. Code Team! is current to the latest American Heart Association® ACLS guidelines and features 3 modules for complete certification preparation:

Cardio Quiz – ten self-teaching tutorials mixed with quiz questions prepare you for the written ACLS certification test. Covers airway management, IV techniques, cardiac drugs, case management priorities, Basic Life Support review, and more.

EKG Teaching – Live EKG with sound, stimulating tutorials and quizzes teach 3-lead rhythm strip interpretation. Covers normal and abnormal ECG parts and rhythms, with pathology pattern and recognition such as hypercalcemia, hyperkalemia, and hypothermia.

ACLS Protocols – features multiple interactive simulations that teach application of the AHA’s arrhythmia treatment algorithms to clinical situations. Among the protocols practiced are asystole, brachychardia with and without pulse, V-tach with and without pulse, V-fib, PAT, endotracheal drugs, and acidosis therapy. Perfect preparation for the dreaded MEGACODE portion of the ACLS certification.


PC with 300 megahertz (MHz) or higher processor clock speed, 128 megabytes (MB) of RAM or higher, 2.3 Gigabytes (GB) available hard disk space, Super VGA (800 × 600) or higher resolution video adapter and monitor, CD-ROM or DVD drive, Keyboard, Mouse.

Windows® operating system. Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP.



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